Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

Before I got started with testosterone supplements, I thought that life had simply passed me by. I was functioning less well than I had in years and certain of my powers were nearly entirely gone. I had almost come to accept that things were not going to be as good in the future as they had in the past.

I ended up seeing several doctors for low testosterone symptoms. I did not realize that that’s what I was dealing with and neither did the doctors. I was put on different medications for fatigue and poor sexual performance and even depressions. Unfortunately, these medications only made my symptoms worse. Eventually, I ended up being prodded by a friend to see a well known nutritionist in my hometown. I made the visit to see him and within five minutes he asked if I had had my hormones checked. I told him that I had not. He told me that he suspected that all of these symptoms were the result of low testosterone and that I would benefit from a regimen of natural testosterone supplements. I was leery because of how many times I had been let down by the other doctors. But I was willing to give it a try because he was so convinced that my problems were caused by a lack of production of testosterone.

He gave me a number of supplements. DHEA, ZMA, Hemaplex, and several others. I went home and started taking these so-called testosterone boosting supplements. I didn’t notice anything for the first week but by the second week I started feeling much better. I felt a new pep in my step. I had energy and my libido back. By the fourth week, I felt like a whole new man. I went back to see this nutritionist who told me that there were a whole host of benefits to supplements that I had never been enjoying.

He put me on other supplements including Gingko and fish oil (after he told me about the health benefits of fish oil) and I take these along with my natural testosterone boosters everyday. I know that many people who read this blog about boosting testosterone and my experience with supplements may wonder if I am over hyping the product. Look, the thing I want to tell you is that I am not a testosterone supplement salesperson. I write about testosterone raising supplements because they changed my life and that is why I started this blog.

I will continue to boost my T with supplements and, if you are suffering from low testosterone syndrome, I recommend that you look into it as well.

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